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歷史之三皮匠始於2020年03月03日位於馬來西亞柔佛州柔佛再也市林嘉宇,陳岳智,陳岳庄所創立。 三位熱愛美食的中華青年之林嘉宇結合了岳父許統加的許記自製傳統手工全蛋麵。全蛋麵技術始於1989年擁有30多年的歷史。三人配合開創傳統美食與現代模式的結合轉化為商機,開始了餐飲業之路。採用Q彈爽口的傳統全蛋麵更打破傳統食材, 卻又保存了原始麵食的精髓,讓人口齒留香。 才擁有現在的【三皮匠】推出市面。 1 of the 3 co founder - Karl Lim. As a food lovers with one of the opportunity to change his life to invest all he had and efforts to create invention and new idea which combine with the traditional food - whole egg noodles, founded since 1989 by his father in law Mr.Koh Thong Kia, history over 30 years. On 03 March 2020 Mr.Karl Lim decided to begin his journey with 2 of his friends Mr.Eddy Ding& Mr.Jacky Ding. A new ideal to use the traditional food and create new, creative, and novel dishes that still keep original taste from traditional noodles. A brand new trend of foods and here 【Sanpijiang】are in the market.

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